Mechatronics Engineer

San Francisco   |   Full time

Chef Robotics is building the future of the kitchen. As a Senior Mechatronics Engineer, you will  work with your team to help design, manufacture, test, and deploy the world’s first ever Chef systems. We want a self starter who can work in an early stage environment without much or any supervision. Chef is a well-funded company out of San Francisco with a massive mission to put a dent in the global malnutrition and hunger crisis and we’re looking to work with the most ambitious people in the world to execute on our mission. 

As mechatronics engineer you will be responsible for: 

  • Shipping product fast while maintaining the highest of quality 

  • Modeling parts and assemblies in SolidWorks CAD, with design for manufacturing.

  • Analyze and upgrade the design of existing systems.

  • Create mechanical design documents for parts, assemblies, or finished products.

  • Working with industrial design to model designs for the Chef system 

  • Develop new parts suitable for injection molding, casting, and sheet metal. 

  • Having a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and being able to select best method for a particular problem. 

  • Analyze existing development or manufacturing procedures and recommend improvements.

  • Work in a machine shop to rapidly prototype using 3D printers, laser cutters, wood, cardboard, foam, and CNC machines  

  • Take systems from concept to prototypes through design, test, and launch.

  • Manage robot engineering build through the product development cycle.

  • Collaborate and multitask within multidisciplinary teams including but not limited to other senior mechanical engineers, customers, suppliers, firmware engineers, robotics engineers, and industrial designers.

  • Communicate with various vendors for materials and part sourcing.

  • Benchmark different suppliers and select the best parts to use.

  • Prototype electronics quickly via soldering and ATMEGA and Arduino microcontrollers.

  • Write basic PID control systems, firmware, and filters (like Kalman Filter). Design, develop, or implement control circuits or algorithms for electromechanical or pneumatic devices or systems.

  • Identify and select materials/components appropriate for mechatronic system designs.

  • Create mechanical and electrical models and tolerance analyses to simulate mechatronic design concepts.

  • Design advanced precision equipment for accurate or controlled applications.

  • Publish engineering reports documenting design details or qualification test results.

  • Provide consultation or training on topics such as mechatronics or automated control.

  • Research, select and apply sensors, communication technologies, or control devices for motion control, force sensing, weight sensing, position sensing, pressure sensing, or electronic communication.

  • Manage wiring and electronic for a large industrial system 

  • Conduct studies to determine the feasibility, costs, or performance benefits of new mechatronic equipment.

  • Design and build processes to test systems and do reliability testing.

  • Design mechatronics components for computer-controlled products, such as cameras, video recorders, etc.

  • Design or develop automated control systems for environmental applications, such as waste processing, air quality, or water quality systems.

  • Design with food safety and certifications in mind. 

  • Design self-monitoring mechanical systems, such as gear systems that monitor loading or condition of systems to detect and prevent failures.

  • Monitor or calibrate automated systems, industrial control systems, or system components to maximize efficiency of production

  • Design thermodynamic heating and cooling systems for the Chef system 

Required Experience

  • 1-5 years on-the-job work experience in mechanical design, consumer product or robotics.

  • BS, MS or PhD in mechanical engineering or related field

  • Accomplished in the full product cycle - conceptualization to design to release to redesign.

  • Proficiency in SolidWorks CAD, CAM, solid modeling, surface modeling and sheet metal.

  • Proficient with fabrication drawings, 2D drawings, knowledge of GD&T preferred.

  • Strong understanding of FEA, risk analysis, solid mechanics, heat, and stress transfer simulation.

  • Knowledge of materials, tooling design and manufacturing for low and high volume.

  • Knowledge of ROS, Python, Arduino, C++, or Electromechanical system design is very helpful.

  • Understanding of thermodynamics 

  • Experience with PLCs, ubuntu, depth cameras 

  • Experience working in a startup environment 

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